Holistic Natural Products


Its not all just about the dress (not quite) at 81 Cheap Street, we have so much more to offer all you wonderful Brides !

 You will find a wonderful selection of essential oils, amazing flower essences and natural face creams at the shop aswell as a gorgeous range of organic baby skincare products.  There is also a natural selection of loose green teas and herbal teas to encourage optimum health in the run up to the all important Wedding Day !  Also to help run things smoothly Abbey Brides can recommend some wonderful local suppliers who can help you with other aspects of your special day.

The whole Wedding can be a truly joyous occasion but it needs to be recognised that it can also be a time of extra work/stress and you ladies really need to look after yourselves so that you will be simply glowing with health and radiance on you special day.  Come in and see the wonderful products on offer from Natural Himalayan Salt lamps to Essential Oils, amazing Flower Essences to help at an emotional level and a wonderful range of organic baby products for your little precious ones !  Also to help you achieve optimum health in the lead up to the wedding please sample some of the gorgeous teas on offer - you'll be amazed at how they can help you.

All natural facial creams, essential oil candles, massage oils and eye gels all help to prepare you to be looking and feeling your best for your big day !


We also have a selection of fantastic suppliers who can help you and give you quotes on the very important things like, wedding cakes, wedding stationary, wedding photography and dressing the venue for the big day.